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Safari Zones


Bijrani Safari Zone

Bijrani zone is one of the most popular & preferred zone amongst tourists for day visit. The entry gate to the Bijrani safari zone is known as Amdanda gate. It is approximately 2 kms away from the Ramnagar city. This zone is enriched with a huge number of floral and faunal species. The zone is known for its wonderful landscape and is very calm and quiet place. Bijrani consists of a mixed topography with dense Sal forests combined with grasslands.
Bijrani Zone is remain closed during rainy season i.e. from 01st July till 15th October

Garjia Safari Zone

Garjia is a very popular jungle area of the picturesque Jim Corbett National Park. This tourism zone is enriched with a large variety of floral and faunal …A good population ofTigersinhabit these areas. Other mammals inhabiting Corbett Tiger Reserve includes deer species (Barking Deer, Sambar)

Jhirna Safari Zone


Day visit to Jhirna Zone is through Dhela Gate which is 20 Kms from Ramnagar. The zone is mainly noted for its bamboo vegetation and wonderful bird watching experiences. The zone also has a good population of sloth bear and wild elephants.


Jhirna zone is open round the year.

Dhela Safari Zone


Dhela zone is the sixth eco tourism zone . It was opened for tourist in Dec 2014. Dhela zone is around 20 kms from Ramnagar, right beside the Jhirna safari zone of Corbett National Park. This zone is equally rich in flora and fauna.
Dhela Eco-tourism zone remain open for tourists throughout the year.

Durgadevi Safari Zone

Durgadevi zone is located around 25kms from Ramnagar. It is a hilly area situated along the banks of ramganga river. Durgadevi is a picturesque zone and it is an untouched territory. Durgadevi zone is famous for sighting Otters at Domunda bridge & wild elephants. Famous Mahsheer fish can also be seen in the river water of Durga Devi zone. Lush green forest in this range provides ample opportunity for bird watching as well.
Durgadevi Zone is remain closed from 15th June till 14th November

Dhikala Safari Zone

Dhikala is the most visited & largest zone of Corbett national park. Situated on the edges of the valley Patli Dun, Dhikala Zone is dotted with picturesque natural vistas and is considered a good site to spot herds of elephants, chitals and deer as well as Bengal Tiger. One can reach Dhikala via Dhangarhi gate which is around 20 kms from Ramnagar.
Canter safari only happens in Dhikala zone of Corbett National Park & it is the only way to explore Dhikala zone if you are not staying in any Forest rest house in Dhikala zone.
Dhikala Zone is remain closed from 15th June till 14th Nov

Sitabani Safari Zone

Adjoining Corbett national park lies Sitabani now called Corbett Landscape Forest which is also a part of elephant project. The forest consists of grasslands, mixed forest and sal forest. During the safari in this zone, you may get a chance to spot tigers, elephants, leopards, deer, wild boar, jackal and many other animals.
Corbett Landscape forest zone also has popular temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.