Dos & Don'ts

Dos during Safari

  • Always carry a trash bag during safari and do not litter in jungle

  • One can carry binoculars to explore colourful beauty of bird sear

  • Wear clothes with earthen or dull colors which are non provoking to wildlife

  • Keep silent and do not disturb wildlife. Understand the fact that it is their home and we are mere visitors in the forest.

  • Maintain good / safe distance from animals so that they are not disturbed and you can observe their natural behaviour.

Don'ts during Safari

  • Do not carry any fire arm or inflammable material during safari

  • Smoking or consuming liquor is offence during safari

  • Do not get down from jeeps or canter while inside national park

  • Movement of jeeps or canter is restricted on certain roads do not enter on those roads

  • Playing music, shouting, screaming is prohibited in forest

  • Do not wear clothes with provoking / bright colors

  • Do not wear perfumes during safaris as some animals have high sense of smell