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Powered Paragliding @ Corbett - Tour

Powered Paragliding @ Corbett

  • As per activity timings
  • Chhoi, Uttarakhand
₹ 3,000View Details
Paragliding @ Corbett - Tour

Paragliding @ Corbett

  • As per activity timings
  • Kotabagh, Uttarakhand
₹ 3,500View Details
Himalayan Safari in Corbett - Tour

Himalayan Safari in Corbett

  • As per activity timings
₹ 5,000View Details
The Giant Swing - Tour

The Giant Swing

  • As per activity timings
  • Go Wild Adventure Park, Corbett
₹ 500View Details
Junior Adventurer - Tour

Junior Adventurer

  • As per activity timings
  • Go Wild Adventure Park, Corbett
₹ 900View Details
Corbett's Silent Valley Tour - Tour

Corbett's Silent Valley Tour

  • 5 Hours
  • Marchula, Uttarakhand
₹ 5,000View Details
Mohaan Man-Eater Trail - Tour

Mohaan Man-Eater Trail

  • Open 15th Sept to 15th June
  • Kath ki Naav, Uttarakhand
₹ 1,500View Details
Outdoor Adventure Activities - Tour

Outdoor Adventure Activities

  • As per activity timings
  • Go Wild Adventure Park, Corbett
₹ 250View Details

Book Adventure Activities at Jim Corbett

Activities at Corbett 

Explore Corbett provide activities services to all guest staying in Corbett. We have framed lot of adventure activities at Jim Corbett like Trekking (Footsteps of Corbett), day tour (Corbett’s Silent Valley), (Corbett Sky Safari) Powered Paragliding and Paragliding, Adventure Activities as sports, to fit in the budget of all our guests.

Trekking in Corbett -This trek of Corbett is one of the most picturesque trek, which covers a wide variety of terrains and foliage. The trails used in this trek is the same trail used by Jim Corbett to shoot Man eater of Mohan at Katt Ki Naav village. Trek covers almost all types of terrains in Corbett. Trekking at Corbett starts with hilly terrain and open meadows, passing through small villages with as few as 3 to 4 houses living in the mid of forest and towards the end entering into the forest and river beds.

Corbett’s silent valley - One of the most beautiful yet unexplored area of Corbett Landscape. To keep it more engaging we have included Trekking, bamboo raft river crossing and fun activities in this tour.

Adventure Activities in Corbett for all age group, like Giant swing, Rope by rope walk, Zip line , Monkey crawl, Rappelling, Wall climbing, Commando net, Burma bridge, Archery, Swinging Ladder. Book your slot online when you are in Corbett.

Powered Paragliding and Paragliding in Corbett are the safest, cheapest, and most convenient way to have flying experience. Flying in open cockpit with safety measures gives you a wholly different flying feeling. This is one of the best Adventure sport who are seeking the real adventure in Corbett Nature.